Link Exchange Solutions

Host Install offers a unique link exchange solution.

This service is a partnership between our company and any website, weblog or company who is interested in this service.

On this service, we (Host Install - Web Solutions) will put a direct link to you (your company or personal website/weblog) when you put a direct link or logo of Host Install.

-We will keep your links on our directory and website updated unless you remove the link to our website.

-We submit the directory to thousands of search engines, other directories, social networks, link exchange services and web pages and promote the directory to ensure your links will be indexed in thousands of search engines, websites and networks.

-All our links will have do-follow tag to ensure your links will be indexed.

-Keeping our link on your website or weblog updated.

-Ensuring our link will not have a not-follow tag. Otherwise we will remove your website from our directory.


If you are interested in applying for this service, Click Here to fill out the registration form. But before you fill the registration, you need to put a link to our website or weblog or even your forum signature(with 1000+ posts).

If you don't know how to put a link to a website, Copy the following code inside <body> tags of your website or weblog:

Code 1:

Code 2: